Height:      15.1hh

Colour:      Liver Chestnut

DOB:         24/11/2003 

ASH:          170329

Approved mares only

Maytown Moon River  is a great stallion with conformation, temperament and athleticism to match.  He is a strong and solid horse in bone and muscle but a gentle "dope" in attitude


He produces exceptional foals that also share his great nature and body. They become quality, hard working, determined and skilful progeny suited to any rider with a passion for horses.


radiant 02 - WH

Abbey - FS HSH

joys pal 02

Sire:     Blue Moon Mystic - IS HSH

unknown sire

Barretts Creek Betty - FM HSH

unknown dam

Animal:     Maytown Moon River - HSH

Mcnamara Acrobat - IS HSH

Four Hu Stud Volant - HSH

Volette III - HSH

Dam:     Mallers Model - HSH

Kyabra Cattle Baron - HSH

Hamilton Park Mistress - HSH

Kyabra Muster Queen - HSH


  • 4th in the 2015 Mid West Branch Open Challange 

    • 2nd in Open Hack

    • 4th in Open Working

    • 4th in Open Time Trial

  • 2nd Open Station Cutting - 2015 Mid West Challange Day

  • 1st Pleasure Stallion - 2015 WA State Stock Horse

  • Reserve Champion Pleasure (to Maytown Brianna Lee) - 2015 WA State Stock Horse

  • 1st Led Stallion - 2015 WA State Stock Horse

  • 2nd ASH Hack - 2015 WA State Stock Horse

  • 2nd Hack Over 15hh - 2015 WA State Stock Horse

  • 3rd Working Stallion - 2015 WA State Stock Horse

  • Second in Novice Campdraft - Capel Campdraft 2013 (first draft ever) 

  • Champion Working Stock Horse - WA State Championships 2014 

  • Maiden Campdraft Winner - WA State Championships  2014 

  • Second in Preliminary Dressage - WA State Championships 2014 (ridden by Rachel Brennen of Rachel Brennen Equestrian)

  • Fourth in ASH Hack - WA State Championships 2014


Forest Grove 

Western Australia



Vanessa Weightman

Tel: 04 5517 7004




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